In the recent days, we can see the increase of fakes circulate in the Facebook. People are looking for the reliable social network to get news and reports of the day-to-day life. They choose the instant messenger application WhatsApp as the other place to fetch information. According to the Digital News Report, a study from the Reuters and the University of Oxford which surveyed that nearly seventy thousands plus respondents from thirty -six countries register their thoughts. Over forty- seven percent of the respondents said they get their daily portion of the news from Facebook and making the social network making a popular platform for news getting the purpose. And also added its popularity has declined in over half of all the surveyed countries.

In the other face, fifteen percent of defendants use WhatsApp for the news consumption, where they share the new information among the friends directly. Although the smaller figure, the report says it is a significant jump from the previous year to the second most eminent social media platform for the news consumption in nine countries.

As the center of the point, fifty- one percent of the people in the Malaysia uses the WhatsApp as the source of news consumption and uses it to share or discuss news every week. At the same time, it is less popular in the United States, where only three percent of the defendants use this app for the same purpose.

The social Medias does a good job in distributing both the real and fake news; only twenty- four percent of the people come to get awareness about the real news. Less than the forty percent said that they trusted the traditional news media to do the same. Only a few defendants fewer than thirty percent said they intentionally avoid that kind of news because of some unreliability in the messages.

So the Facebook has been pressed to focus on the spreading of fake news problems after it came to the public’s attention in the major election or issues in the last year. They enhance the feature by allows the users to flag the fake news and working with the third–party fact- checker to identify the fake information and shutting their accounts.